Doubt the Doubts Podcast Interviews Amber Hurdle - Amber Hurdle | Globally Recognized Leadership & Personal Branding Expert

Doubt the Doubts Podcast Interviews Amber Hurdle

August 28, 2013


Welcome, Doubt the Doubts listeners!

What a privilege it was to be interviewed by Paul Blais, podcast host and super entrepreneur with a ton of hustle and MEGA MOXIE! I’m glad you listened to today’s episode and found my blog!

Within twelve hours of launching, Paul’s show landed on iTunes’ New & Noteworthy business section and has consistently been in the top five of that category. What’s more, by the following Monday it entered into the top 20 business podcasts overall! Wow!

Now I’m a coach, so I love to give challenges that get you to TAKE ACTION NOW to move closer to both your long-term and short-term goals. So, Doubt the Doubt listeners, here are three challenges just for you that I want you to execute against in the next seven days:

1. Get clear on your goal. What does it look like and feel like? Who is involved? Narrow down your focus to ONE key outcome, even if other goals sprout off of that primary goal.

2. List the top three obstacles you think could prevent you from successfully reaching your goal. Identify what doubts are standing in the way of achieving your goal.

3. Ok, now are you read to CRUSH those doubts??? For every doubt you listed I want you to list THREE ways you can overcome that obstacle. For example, if you are worried that money (or the lack thereof) is standing in the way of becoming an entrepreneur you might list solutions like:

1. Get a second job until you have six months living expenses saved.

2. Launch your business while still working your 9-5 until you have enough traction to go full-time in your own endeavor.

3. Sell your _________. (Boat, camper, house that is too big and downsize, etc….) That’s right, start your savings plan off with a BIG deposit!

You see, when you have a plan you have hope. And when there is hope you can certainly Doubt the Doubts!

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Thanks for having me on your amazing show, Paul! #FNE



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