Connecting People Strategy with Business Strategy on the Transformative Leadership Podcast - Amber Hurdle | Globally Recognized Branding Expert

Connecting People Strategy with Business Strategy on the Transformative Leadership Podcast

May 21, 2020

In this episode of The Transformative Leader Podcast, I’m happy to bring you a conversation with talent optimization consultant, branding and PR expert, and powerhouse businesswoman, Amber Hurdle, about unlocking the potential for people and businesses to thrive by strengthening their brands from the inside out. Amber is the CEO of Amber Hurdle Consulting, which sharpens brands from the inside out using their Velvet Machete® Brand Strategy, by connecting the power of personal, employer and business brands, and aligning people strategy to business strategy for bottom line results.

Most businesses make significant investments in their #1 asset: human capital, then experience costly business problems like ineffective recruiting, turnover, underperformance, threats to morale and leadership gaps. What’s usually missing is a clear connection between the people strategy and the business strategy to create measurable bottom line results, and that’s where Amber and her consultancy comes in. Amber believes whatever people do as a living is the personification of themselves. For a successful business, employers should sell their brand and deliver confidence to their employees to make them proud of what they do – as they are contributing to something higher than themselves. She uses her “Swiss army knife” of customized solutions, providing all the tools her clients need to provide extraordinary employee experiences.

Amber personally understands what it takes to accelerate success, as a former teen mom who evolved into a powerhouse businesswoman, having worked with international celebrities, executives and Fortune 100 companies alike. After leading the internal rebranding of Gaylord Opryland when Marriott acquired the iconic hotel and its attractions, Amber continued her enthusiasm for internal relations by launching her own consulting firm, serving large brands such as FedEx Ground, Loews Hotels, and Stella & Dot, as well as small to medium-sized businesses who want to play big.

It was apparent that a large part of Amber’s success comes from her ability to combine expertise in various areas, including branding, marketing, PR, strategic planning, recruiting, employee assessment, entrepreneurship, leadership, and so much more, to transform an organization’s culture and results. What’s interesting is that many of these areas are not what people usually associate with culture and leadership and the soft skills that go with them. However, Amber made a compelling case for a holistic approach to transformation that includes soft skills as well as science and internal and external “marketing“ skills. All in all, Amber was a fascinating guest and we had a great conversation. I really recommend everyone check out this episode, and then go to Amber’s website to check her many great offerings.

Some topics discussed in this episode include:

  • How Amber discovered her passion for branding, marketing, and PR and came to establish her own consulting firm.

  • The role of leadership and culture in internal branding, and how it affects recruiting, and retaining, the right people in an organization.

  • How the Predictive Index methodology helps to match people’s unique needs and behaviors to an organization that fits them.

  • The unique ways in which different generations approach work and their careers.

  • What Amber’s “velvet machete“ approach to consulting entails, and how leaders can put it to good use.

  • What is people data and how should it be interpreted?

  • And much more…

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