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5 Things to Leave Behind in 2021

December 23, 2021

Remember as kids how around this year we used to clean out our toy boxes to make room for the new toys that Santa was going to bring? 

Well, as we approach Christmas this week and the end of the year, I want to ask you to do something similar with your life. In this episode I’m going to suggest five things you want to leave behind in 2021. Why? So you can make room in your life’s toybox for new and better things! 

In fact, next week I’m going to share the five things you should add for a successful new year! Yep, this is a two-part episode experience to prep you for the new year. So are you ready?


Here are the 5 things to leave behind in 2021!

#1. Leave behind at least one person who takes energy and doesn’t give energy to you.


#2. Leave behind at least one activity that moves you away from your goals.


#3. Leave behind at least one belief that has no evidence to support it.


#4. Leave behind at least one habit that keeps you from being your best.


#5. Leave behind at least one tool or expense you don’t use or need.


When you leave these five things behind it will open up space for the people and opportunities that align with your values, needs, and life’s goals.

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