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40: How to Promote Yourself to the Media Part 2

January 31, 2018


In this episode of the Bombshell Business Podcast Amber Hurdle builds on the PREVIOUS EPISODE’S foundational media plan elements, and gets into how to interact with the media, as well as exactly how to make it easy to cover your business. Don’t forget to tune in to part 3 after this episode! 


Make it Easy to Cover You in the Media


Synthesize your key talking points. (Yes, say them over and over and over again, no matter how many interviews you’ve been on. Only you have heard it that many times, the various audiences have not.)


Create a Media Kit


Before sending your kits out, consider that different outlets will require different angles, so while your kit may be mostly the same, your pitch should be unique.


Create different versions of your media kit including:

-A digital PDF that you can email or link to. (Be sure to reduce the file size so it can be reasonably attached to an email. Or link to a Dropbox, Box, or Drive folder that has the correct share settings to grant access to it.

-A printed version that can be snail mailed or handed to someone.

-A web page version. You can see mine here: amberhurdle.com/media


Media Kit Checklist


Include the following elements in your media kit:


-Product description

-Brief bio of you or any key members of your team involved in the story

-Press release

-Product specs

-Sample interview questions (and answers if you want to go that far)

-Contact information

-Credibility page featuring testimonials, previous media appearances, notable companies you’ve worked with, awards or accomplishments, etc…


How to Make Your Media Kit


You can make a simple media kit in Microsoft Word or Google Docs, or you can make a fancier or more graphically enhances media kit in a free do it yourself design application like Canva or PicMonkey or in Adobe Photoshop if you have those skills. OR if you don’t want to be responsible for it at all, you can search “media kit” in Fiverr and find a super affordable, fast and professional looking solution there.


Recruit a Launch Team


The media probably won’t pay attention to your business, product or service launch if no one else is. That’s why it’s helpful to make your own ruckus by recruiting the help of customers, audience members, friends and family.


Pick one reliable person to handle different aspects of your promotions, then give them very specific to-dos, and let them rally the troops. For example, they can:

-Help plan or execute a launch party, or get people there

-Share promotional posts on social media

-Get/share early access and leave reviews online once your business, product or service actually launches

-Participate in/organize a Thunderclap

Be sure to tune in to part 3 of this three-part series on how to promote your business to the media!

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