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Your Job Ads Suck and What To Do About It

February 03, 2022

The talent war wages on and it’s being fought in a tiny talent puddle! Yet, most tired job postings still read like an internal document meant to clarify the responsibilities and authority of the role, rather than the marketing tool they should be. If you want to attract your ideal talent to your company, you have to think like a candidate and act like a marketer. Lucky for you, in this episode of the Bombshell Business Podcast, I will teach you a simple, three-step formula to craft the sexy, sellable words you need to out-recruit the competition. You will learn:

  • How to apply tried and true branding and marketing strategies to your recruitment efforts.
  • What four sections every job posting should feature for success.
  • Exactly who to collaborate with to craft a compelling job posting.
  • What not to do if you want to win the talent war!

Tune in now if you are ready to recruit your next best hire!

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