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YOU Have to Make Your Life What You Want it to Be

January 26, 2015

I don’t know about you, but I had a great weekend full of family and friends. And because generally only the best of life shows up on Facebook, I got the usual comments or private messages that I have received for YEARS:

“I wish I had your life.”

 “You always have so much fun.”

“Next time you do that, let me know!” (From someone I haven’t seen in 14 years.)

Now, I’m not sharing this to brag about my amazing life, nor mock any of these people. Rather quite the opposite. In fact, let me break it down to show how simple the most “elaborate” evening of the weekend was:

All we did was go see an 80s/90s cover band in Nashville with some friends. The barriers to that experience included awareness of the concert, $10 tickets and transportation to the venue.



It was NOT expensive, exclusive, VIP, or anything that made it uniquely possible for only my husband and I to experience.

So what’s my point?

I know, I know…I’m going to say it again: You have to be intentional. That’s all it takes!

Since I can remember, I’ve simply decided what I want my life to look like, and I’ve made it so.

I value community. So I make time for friends. I also value music, so I look for opportunities to experience that live. Since I surround myself with people who value similar things as me, even though it’s been a CRAZY January in my business, and I had zero inclination to check out the local scene, someone in mycommunity invited Mr. Wonderful and I to experience music.

See how that works?

But intention is certainly not just for weekend plans. You have to be intentional EVERY DAY.

Now do you want to hear about the not-so-Facebook worthy intention of my week? Here’s the unsexy side of Amber’s life:

First, I implemented the hardest part of the new system I implemented in my business. The process is SO out of my wheelhouse and my way of thinking, but I know what I ultimately want; and that system has to be fully functional to compensate for my weaknesses and allow me to work in my strengths long term. So I labored over this for hours on hours until I had the things I needed to set me up for future success.

It sucked.

I also worked on a different tool that was glitchy and frustrating, but required to complete the project at hand. Because I have been intentional about building my professional network, one developer got me out of the weeds with one suggestion before the product’s customer service was even able to put me in the que.

Finally, I had to set up an ad campaign in a way that is different than how I’ve always done it. (In digital marketing, things change daily it seems.) But, I have my goals set for the year and this advertising will help me reach those goals.

Now, since I am all about building winning environments, I should point out I also have a buddy who is on the journey with me, so we can support each other DAILY. (Seriously, you should see the ongoing text messages!)

Nobody wants to see this hot mess of my reality on Facebook, but the same principle applies:

Understand what you want out of life, then freaking make it happen.

If you see a friend hiking, canoeing, going to the shooting range for a girls’ night out (we seriously do this in the south), running a race or WHATEVER, just remember the first step to LIVING that fun in real life is making the decision to do it.

And the most important thing you have to do to grow your business, expand your leadership within your organization or even strengthen your spiritual life is decide what you want your situation to look like, then make small decisions every day that are aligned with that vision.

It really is that simple.

Then, after you’ve melted your brain with the non-sexy stuff, I do highly recommend ending that week with rapping “Ice Ice Baby” from start to finish with hundreds of other people!



Now, what intention are YOU going to set this week? Let me know! I’d love to cheer you on!


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