11: Top Tech Tools for the Overwhelmed Woman

11: Top Tech Tools for the Overwhelmed Woman

October 11, 2016

In this episode, Amber Hurdle shares the top tech tools any overwhelmed woman can use to tech tools to streamline her life.  You don’t have to be in business to take away something useful from this podcast, so be sure to share it with ALL of your friends!

Links and Mentioned Resources:

Safe Password Storage: Last Pass

Last Pass Premium Review blog post

Inbox Organization:  Unroll.me

Inbox Organization:  Boomerang

5 Reasons You Should Use Freshbooks blog post

Receipt/Expense Management:  Expensify

CRM/Project Management Combo:  Insightly

Podcast Episode: 3 Marketing Mistakes You are Making and How to Fix Them

Project Management:  Trello

Project Management:  Asana (do not have personal experience with this, but have friends who love it)

Organization:  Google Drive

Organization:  Dropbox

Organization:  Evernote

Organization:  CamScanner app

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