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The Swiss Army Knife of Marketing

December 17, 2018

As a kid, I remember how cool a Swiss Army knife was. It could do everything-it was a knife, fork, spoon, screwdriver, corkscrew, can opener-basically a multi-tool in your pocket. How awesome would it be to have a Swiss Army knife for marketing your business? Something that has multi-functionality, but simplifies everything in one place for your customers to connect, engage and build relationships with you.

Essentially, a mobile app can be one of the most effective, reliable, multi-tool, multi-platform and cross marketing systems you can use for your most effective marketing; One touch connectivity for all of your customers, prospects and business to business or business to consumer reach marketing. A mobile app is the swiss army knife for your business.

Mobile apps offer a centralized place where everyone can push one button and find your branded app icon on their phone. Mobile is everywhere you want your business to be!  Americans check their phone on average once every 12 minutes – burying their heads in their phones 80 times a day, answering a phone call, searching for a product, making a purchase, watching a video, or using one their favorite mobile apps for social engagement. The mobile phone is where eyeballs are everyday!

A mobile app offers multiple ways to engage your customer as often as every day and or a few times a month. If you offer value to the experience, your app users will appreciate you and often will become a brand advocate.  

So what are some of the Swiss Army knife of marketing tools you can use in your app?

Be Social.  Social engagement and sharing are common things consumers do everyday.  They wake up and check their email and all throughout the day. A mobile app provides socially shareable content so all of your content becomes easy to share.

Events  Events are great for creating customer engagement.  Hosting an event offline or online offers multiple ways to introduce new products/services, give infomercials, offer tours, run contest and giveaways, host in store events, list entertainment schedules, and much more.  All of these can be listed in your app, and consumers can RSVP to it and add to their personal calendar for reminders as well as share it via their favorite social network or text message

E-Commerce. Selling your products or services in the app are simple ways for your customers to buy from you–everything from merchandise to booking appointments. Offering a select limited time offer also, only available in the app, can increase engagement and call-to-action marketing can generate fast cashflow. Offer delivery and pickup, or dine in ordering with the app.

Loyalty Reward Programs.  Loyalty reward programs are excellent ways to generate repeat customers and provide a purpose for downloading the app.  People love to earn rewards for spending money in your business and it shows you appreciate their business and value them as a customer.  LRP can be a digital punch card, or can be a multi level rewards incentive to redeem rewards based on points or dollars spent. You can customize them and offer them year round for various seasons, holidays, or one off products or services.  It’s also a great way to introduce new products for customer feedback and market analysis to make balanced decisions on what works or doesn’t work with your clients.

Push Notifications. Having the ability to communicate with your customers 24/7 is very empowering, and creates an enormous platform to build a credible relationship with your customers. Leveraging this form of marketing can truly benefit both you and the consumer.  If you provide added value and build trust then they will appreciate receiving notifications about what interest them. Notifications can be sent to everyone, specific groups or segments, or a single individual. They can be scheduled or instant messages. They can even be targeted by specific location for niche marketing, as well as cross marketing using geo-location or geofencing capabilities.  There are numerous ways to use this for creating valuable relationships with your customers.

Mobile apps offer a centralized place for your customers, prospects, and fans to connect, engage, and build lifetime relationships. Start building your relationships with a mobile app today!  Mobile is everywhere your business should be!  Be Appsolute can build your app, fully branded, and customized, and help you launch a successful mobile marketing program for your business today!


About the Author

Keith Troup

Be AppSolute

Mobile Marketing

Keith Troup is a Creative Mobile Marketer. He develops and creates mobile marketing / branding app solutions for businesses, venues, events and organizations.   He leverages everyday life experiences and his business knowledge by helping business owners to connect, engage, and build relationships with existing clients, new prospects and to establish loyal brand fans utilizing mobile marketing media solutions. Mobile is everywhere your business should be!

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