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Reflections from Amber Hurdle's book signing at Parnassus Books

April 12, 2018

With the launch of my first book, The Bombshell Business Woman, there were a few things that I absolutely wanted to experience. One of them was a discussion and book signing at my all time favorite book store in Nashville — Parnassus Books. It’s owned by two women: novelist Ann Patchett and publishing industry vet, Karen Hayes; and it is full of books by local authors, independent writers, and even has canine booksellers! (Yes! Well-behaved dogs just chilling in the store!)  I love walking into a glorious, physical bookstore, and so having an author event that included a talk about my book and a book signing at Parnassus Books was special. I love supporting women in business, so there was no better place to continue my quest of encouraging women to find their inner Bombshell than at Parnassus. I absolutely loved every minute it! The reading, discussion, book signing, photo taking, after dinner party with my bestest friends…all of it was a dream! I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive support I have received since the launch of my book. THANK YOU, BOMBSHELLS!




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