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Quick and Easy Book Club Menu

September 28, 2017

As a busy female entrepreneur who wants to host a book club, you absolutely need a quick and easy book club menu that you can throw together in a snap. Lucky for you, I love to entertain! And I also really want you to form a Bombshell Squad Book Club to navigate The Bombshell Business Woman: How to Become a Bold, Brave, Female Entrepreneur with a solid group of lady bosses! So I pulled together a few quick and easy appetizers that you can serve at your first Bombshell Squad Book Club meetup.

(Don’t forget to grab your free book club facilitators guide at TheBombshellBusinessWoman.com!)

Quick and Easy Book Club Menu

Tangy Pepper Pecan Brie Recipe

This is one of my go-to appetizers, and it is a hit every time. I change up the ingredients, sometimes using other savory spreads in lieu of the apricot preserves, or I’ll use jarred jalapenos instead of fresh ones. I also use Nut Thins gluten-free crackers in lieu of the bread the recipe calls for since gluten and I do not get along. You can find the full recipe HERE on the Pampered Chef website. (Side note: I’m so obsessed with Pampered Chef!)

Hummus Tapas Platter Recipe

Nothing is easier than grabbing some store bought hummus, some sliced veggies and fruit from the produce section, and a few other accoutrements you probably already have in your refrigerator. Jennifer, over at Take Two Tapas, knows how we ladies like to eat: small bites, but a little of everything! In this post, she literally shows you how to pull together a beautiful (but simple) mezze platter in a short video. (You can even use that fancy word for it and seem like you have it totally together, even though you barely got your lipstick on and shoved the entire week’s mail in a random drawer before everyone arrived.) You can find this recipe HERE and check out the rest of her site for drool-worthy ideas for future Bombshell Squad meetups!

Quick Pita Pizzas

Grab a pita, spread some pizza sauce, sprinkle some mozz, top with halved grape tomatoes and fresh basil…badabing, badaboom! Or you can take it to the next level and create a variety of options with THESE Food Network Canada recipes. If gluten-free pita bread is hard to find in your area, gluten-free tortillas or bagels are other options to consider.

Sweet Bites

Let’s face it. Most Bombshells have a little bit of a sweet tooth, but let’s not tempt ourselves too much in this department. I like to serve Ghirardelli chocolate squares on a pretty tray or in a crystal bowl. That way everyone can pick their favorite flavor…and we can call it healthy because it’s dark chocolate, right? You can order them on Ghirardelli’s WEBSITE, or they can be found at most grocery stores.

Bombshell Signature Cocktail & Mocktail

Don’t forget the elixirs! Check out our official Bombshell Signature Cocktail and Bombshell Signature Mocktail Recipes for your next Bombshell Squad Book Club meetup! Add some sparkling water, hot tea, coffee, or whatever fits your Bombshell Squad.

Use this free downloadable menu template I created for you in Canva. (You’ll need to create a free Canva account to access it.) Simply type your menu right on the template, or print it out and hand write your menu on it. Display your menu on your buffet, and you will officially be known as the Bombshell hostess with the mostest!

Be sure to tag me in pictures of your Bombshell Squad (and food, of course) and use the hashtags #bombshellbiz and #bombshellsquad.

Cheers to your successful book club meetup!

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