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People vs Process: Train to Empower an Exceptional Brand Experience

May 10, 2018

Me to In Room Dining: Hi, could I please order scrambled eggs with a side of vegetables–like whatever you would normally serve at breakfast.

IRD: So you want eggs and a side of vegetables?

Me: Yes, please.

IRD: Let me ask if we can do that.

Me: (Reviews the vegetables they include in various breakfast dishes as I wait.)

IRD: Thank you for holding. We can’t do that.

Me: Oh. OK. So, if I ordered this omelette without the ham and the cheese, could you make that?

IRD: Yes, ma’am.

Me (Very kindly): But I can’t have the eggs they will whisk for it seperate from the onions and peppers they would put on it? Y’all prefer for me to have the vegetables folded into the eggs?

IRD: Ma’am, I think we can scramble eggs and serve you a side of vegetables. *Giggles* Would you like anything else?

Sometimes people just need perspective to see the world outside of the box they’ve been asked to live in. Train your employees to follow processes, but encourage them to think about the customer experience first. Teach your team to take the perspective of your customers to meet their unique needs while staying on brand, even when needing to shift from typical procedures. You’ll remain profitable and social media-brag-worthy, while keeping both your customers and your team happy.


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