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My People are Dog People

November 20, 2019

Let’s talk about work environments and how that is a piece of your people strategy!⁠

This is not a thing for everyone, but we are a dog-friendly, small but mighty team. If you watch my Instagram stories you will often see dogs running around while we plan social media, prepare for client work or do strategic planning. To a non-dog loving team, this would be total disruptive chaos. But to us? We want our stress-busting, workaholic wrecking fur friends forcing us out of our chairs every now and again, reminding us to not take what we are stressing over too seriously.⁠

While it might not be feasible to have a dog-friendly work environment, you can craft the type of environment that keeps your team performing at their best. Whether it is color selection, office layout, break room, celebration schedule, meeting cadence, communication strategy or more, you can’t just look to Google or Zappos and replicate it. It has to meet the needs of your unique team that is working towards your unique business goals. Some teams want colorful, collaborative spaces, while others want calm, quiet and individual work stations.⁠

Yet again, it begins with diagnosing what is working and what is not, then designing your people strategy to know exactly who to hire and how to inspire your team to achieve the business results you are capable of!⁠

What is your work environment like? Or what would you LIKE your work environment to be like? Tell us in the comments! 


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