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Meet the Expert: Rebecca Barnes-Hogg

August 10, 2018

We’re so excited to have Rebecca Barnes-Hogg as a Bombshell Business Expert! She is the employee management, hiring and recruiting expert. Get ready to chat with her inside the Bombshell Business app, launching September 1st! 


Rebecca Barnes-Hogg

YOLO Insights

Expert Role: Employee Management, Recruiting, Hiring


Rebecca Barnes-Hogg is the founder of YOLO Insights®and author of The YOLO Principle, The Ultimate Hiring Guide for Small Business. Her path to Bombshell Business Woman started 8 years ago when she broke free from corporate with a dream, a cell phone, and a laptop. Rebecca built YOLO Insights®in response to all the frustrated business owners who were wasting time, money, and their sanity hiring the wrong people. She thrives on the hunt for purple unicorns (ideal employees) and watching her clients become more efficient, effective, and profitable when they hire the right employees.

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