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Live Personal Brand Coaching Session Using How to Fascinate®

February 25, 2021

According to their Fascinate Test reports, Kay Suarez and Donna Feyen are both Maestros. Yet, Amber Hurdle shows these friends and colleagues how they are different and how they uniquely create value during this live coaching session. Tune in to learn how to go deeper than the surface in personality assessments, and see if you can figure out how you fascinate!

Oh, and check out last week’s episode about what How to Fascinate is all about.

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About Our Guests


Kay Lynn Suarez is a passionate IT Consultant, life coach, and speaker. Throughout her multifaceted career, she has shared her entrepreneurial can-do attitude and highly effective management style to promote a shared vision and build positive working relationships.  Kay is known for transforming complexity into elements that can be evaluated, organized, and optimized or eliminated.   Her side hustle has earned her the reputation as a high-level real estate investor and design specialist with the innate ability to create warm and welcoming spaces. She is the co-founder of Best US Investment, LLC, where she creates wonderful spaces for families to live, love, and make memories with their children and grandchildren. To find out more, visit:

Best US Investment, LLC  Website :


Eve’s Serene Sanctuary Facebook:


Donna Feyen is the founder of More Than A Review, a book review site with content ratings. Her side hustle provides in-depth book reviews while also including a detailed “grading” system to provide readers upfront knowledge about the content of books they choose to read. Since 2012 she’s nurtured a community that rallies around a shared passion for reading books that are high quality, with clean content. Donna and her husband, Ray, live in Northwest Arkansas with their three black Labrador retrievers. She is a reader, a runner, and loves music. To find out more, visit:

More Than a Review Website



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