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Leveraging Crisis with John Robertson

April 20, 2023

In this week’s episode I sit down with John Robertson of Fortlog Services, culture alignment specialist and workforce wellness expert. We discuss various aspects of leadership, how the best teams operate, and how when the two are in alignment, crises can be easily addressed and resolved.

Key points from our conversation include: 

  • Wellness is more than not being sick
  • Leaders who finish well are defined by what they’re for, not what they are against
  • Why the event is never the real crisis
  • Reframing crisis as an opportunity, wherein crisis is defined as the point at which the status quo is no longer working
  • Leadership qualities & qualifiers: Authenticity, Commitment, Enthusiasm, Service
  • How to operate in the workplace: play to compete, share common goals, teams “in the stands” supporting those “in the action”
  • How do you want people to describe you non-physically?

Intrigued? Ready to up your leadership game? Tune in on your favorite listening app, on the website, or watch it on YouTube!


About John Robertson

Inspired and driven by his values, John acts as a facilitator, coach and guide for his clients as they test, discover, and expand what they can do. He uses concrete, verifiable processes to help them achieve demonstrable, solution focused results. Remaining faithful to his passions and principles, John invests 

himself in his vocation without reservation. He provides spirit-filled, insightful guidance that his clients use to amplify their lives and their businesses. John truly provides “leadership people can follow through storms.”


Connect with John

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/johnrobertson-fortlog/

Website: https://fortlog.co/bombshellbusiness

Email: [email protected]

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