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Join Amber Hurdle's Book Launch Group!

August 27, 2020

Oops! I did it again! 🙈 I wrote a book only to realize it’s not really what I think the reader REALLY needs. Pre-Covid, maybe. Now? I need more input. More feedback. More data! 🤓 SO…on the road to my October virtual pre-launch party I invite YOU to join me (and ultimately my publisher and publishing team) to be the boss of me by joining my book launch group! You can give me feedback on the title and subtitle, the book cover, the description, chapter titles and more. If you just want to be a part of something fun? Join my book launch group! If you want to be bossy? Join my book launch group! Thinking of writing a book and want to see the behind the scenes? Join my book launch group! I’ll make it fun. And you’ll probably see me act crazy, be super excited and maybe even break down in tears….because that’s what happens when you write, publish and promote a book! Haha! Tell me in the comments if you join!


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