Should I buy LeadPages now or later?

Q & A (Questions & Amber): Should I invest in LeadPages now?

August 05, 2017

I routinely get questions from listeners of The Bombshell Business Podcast and blog readers, so in the spirit of helping the many, I provide the answers publicly. This business owner read my “Why I love LeadPages to grow your email list” post and had a great follow up question!


Since I’m just starting off [with a new website or business], how essential do you think it is that I set up Leadpages immediately? What if I were to do a different, even cheaper option to start, and then switched over to leadpages when I start seeing results? Is this just silly and I should take the leap now?

-David H.


I always caution new businesses to be discerning in which tools you invest in. It’s very easy to think you need a bunch of tools that you won’t need until further down the road because, let’s face it, entrepreneurs love shiny new toys!

If you have an email marketing software that creates opt-in pages and/or a plugin for pops ups and opt-in embeds in your site (like for your sidebar or automatically populated at the end of each blog), you can probably start there. For example, I often use Convertkit’s basic opt-in page if I’m quickly throwing something together–and while it may not be as “pretty” (something that my audience in particular wants/needs), it is functional, and it converts.

However, building your list should be like A1 priority, so if you were to spend money on anything, customer acquisition (to include email list building) is at the top of that list along with efficiency tools that help you focus your time on…well…customer acquisition. I just think LeadPages is the easy button to created branded landing pages and popups in a short amount of time, and without having to hire a designer.

Yes, there are options that cost less, but I’ve found that they take too many steps to get the same result and there tends to be less flexibility, fewer template options or there is no way to tell what has converted well for others. (LeadPages allows you to sort templates based on the highest converting.)

What’s more, you can build a full website page in LeadPages! So if you have a new offering, you don’t necessarily have to pay a website designer to add that page to your site. For example, my Hospitality Leadership Academy page and my Fascinate Advantage Workshop page were both built by yours truly in LeadPages. So, paying an annual or monthly fee for that flexibility and ease versus waiting on the availability of a designer and having to allocate budget to the development of a page is something that should be considered.

See? Easy button! (Disclaimer: I turn over my important website projects to my awesome designer, of course! But for quick adds, LeadPages is a great solution.)

I like to have an idea, then implement it quickly. If there are too many steps in between concept and completion, I’ll procrastinate because I’m not a minutia person. So while I wish I could give you a definitive answer, my answer (as usual) is it depends on your work-style, your budget, your highest operational needs and your commitment to use the tool enough to recover the expense. (Oreven better, create a return on the investment.)

Once you start building a customer base, you can start expanding the types of tools that you use. For now, decide what makes sense for your budget, prioritize based on your highest need and commit to not getting too crazy until your revenue justifies the expense. 😉

Hope that helps!



Disclosure: Please note that there are affiliate links in this post, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide it is a good purchasing decision for you. I only promote products and companies that I have first-hand experience with and would recommend to my own VIP clients whether or not any of these companies sent me a small commission. I trust that you will only make a positive purchasing decision if you are certain they will fulfill an operational need and will help you reach your personal goals.



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