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I am a feminist...and here is the TRUE definition

April 26, 2018

Being a feminist by definition means you believe women should be valued equally to men.

The end.

It does not automatically mean:

  • You hate men.

  • You want men to have it worse than women.

  • You want to be “treated like a man.”

  • You must give up your femininity and “think/dress/act like a man.”

  • You wear a vagina hat and shout obscenities in rallies and marches.

  • You are angry and bitter about life in general.

  • You want the word “man” removed entirely from common language. 

  • You share a #metoo story with the intention of taking down the entire male race. (*Really, we just want to prepare future women to be stronger than the many who kept silent for so many years, perpetuating sexual assault being commonplace and keeping women in a state of vulnerability because of it).

In fact, you can be a man and a feminist. Who knew?

*Every* advocacy group has extremists, and guess who gets the media attention?

Hint: It’s not the moderate, reasonable-thinking advocates.

Thanks for your attention.

<3, Your Non-Man-Hating, High-Heeled-and-Lipstick-Wearing, Equality-Expecting, Still-Love-the-Door-Held-Open-For-Me-By-a-Man, Friendly, Neighborhood Feminist





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