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How to Use Push Notifications to Drive Holiday Traffic

October 28, 2018

The biggest shopping holiday season is right around the corner. How will you take advantage of it this year? How will you get more traffic into your store, website, or event or to participate in your contest or loyalty reward program?

Consumers typically spend more discretionary money during the last quarter of the year, as customer’s minds are on holiday shopping and traveling which is significant for most small business owners.  How can you capture their attention and generate cash flow, social sharing, and lots of repeat customers going forward? With PUSH NOTIFICATIONS!  

Push notifications are small bits of content that grab someone’s attention.

It could be a valuable tip, a link to a website, an offer, a new product/service, a video.. the possibilities are endless! How you leverage them can be the difference between a slow day of sales/selling season or a potentially huge one!

Push Notification with a mobile app are very targeted and can reach your fans and followers with less noise and  distractions. When your marketing on social media and other digital channels, someone’s cute cat or baby video could steal your moment and they might never see your content or post.

Here are 5 ways you can use push notifications in your mobile app to get more customers and drive holiday sales for more profits.

1. Give A Free Tip. People love quick tips on how to improve their business or daily lives – think something that brings them value or a simple smile for the day.  Weekly or bi-weekly tips on specific days also can build trust and people like consistency.

2. Events. Events are great ways to drive traffic and engage your audience Whether its an offline or online event, create a special reason for them to attend. Offer a drawing or giveaway for those who attend. Push out the notification and you can link to the event tab inside the app directly. You can even provide driving directions  or registration links and information about the event right in the app. Additionally, your attendees can also easily add it to their personal calendar as well for reminders.

3. Video:  Post a short video clip to your YouTube channel.  Introduce a product or tip, show them a virtual tour of your business, help them get to know your staff, or post something humorous. Funny things can simply go viral overnight. All of these give a more personal touch to the user experience.  Capitalize on the what video can do to elevate your exposure.

4. Contests, Polls, and Surveys. Run contests, polls, and surveys inside your app.  Contest and promotions are gold to capture the attention of your audience.  They promote goodwill, and your brand with the opportunity to get better insight on your customers interests and buying habits. Polls and surveys provide great feedback and knowledge about your customers and prospects.

5. Chat Wall.  Send a notification to announce times for chat inside the app and get your customers to participate. This allows them to engage and participate in discussions about your business, customer service, feedback on products/services, what types of new products they might be looking for, how can you improve your business and make it better, and many more topics.

These are just a few ways to utilize push notifications and drive holiday traffic into your stores, to your website, or event. Encouraging your fans to socially share all of these activities I’ve mentioned and more within the app, as well as sharing the app itself (word of mouth marketing digitally) can also provide opportunities for new business and prospects to find you and connect with you that you’ve never met before.

With a mobile app using push notifications, you can build your holiday traffic this year and engage in new relationships with customers that will last into 2019.


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