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How to Flawlessly Transition from Summer to Fall Fashion

August 02, 2018

Ready or not, it is time to bid farewell to Summer and look ahead to Fall. There is an inherent new chapter, new beginning-type vibe I get every year. How about you?

Well let’s get right to how to glide through this transition with the least amount of stress, and look flawless doing it…

I don’t know what kind of night-night routine Beyonce has, buuttt, let’s just say my version of “I woke up like this” doesn’t exactly end in “flawless.” I need a little help, especially at the change of the season when family routines are changing and the weather is so indecisive–at times causing one to dress appropriately for 6:30 am weather, only to look like an overheating fool by lunch.

Which brings me to my top three tips for flawlessly transitioning from Summer to Fall.

1. Cut the Clutter

Not many things are more exhausting than digging through an unorganized mass of clothes only to determine “I have nothing to wear.” It wastes your time, puts you in a crappy mood, probably makes you late and spills into other parts of your day that deserve better.

  • So let’s do better. Get in some comfy clothes, throw on a workout playlist (organizing is Cardio… right?) and actually write these four signs and tape them to wall:
    • Keep – these make me feel great
    • Pass On – time for another body to love these
    • Still Fit? – questionable – need to try on
    • Not Yet – too big or too small but just not ready to part ways
  • Set a 30 min timer and get to work putting clothes into their respective piles. Be honest. At the end of 30 minutes take another look and ask yourself, do some of the “Keeps” or “Not Yets” need to make their way to the “Pass On” pile?

Alright let’s go to the next Step

2. Organize It

  • I like to organize by type: i.e shirts, blazers, skirts, etc… and color / pattern. This may sound a little extreme, but a) your closet will look awesome and b) you will say “Hey Kirbee was right” on those dark Fall mornings when you hit snooze one too many times, and you need to make a respectable outfit selection on the go.
  • Make your accessories easily accessible. Conveniently organize, scarves, statement necklaces, and belts. These will be the distinguishing factors between people thinking “Well, at least she didn’t show up naked” and “Hey, she looks so put together, I wonder if she even uses her snooze button.”

3. Build your Foolproof “Toolkit” – Think Layers

  • Alright, now you have your clothes organized. Do you have the following toolkit essentials? If no, consider adding them to your stash ASAP.
  • Outerwear
    • 3-4 Flattering Blazers!
      • PSA: Not all blazers are created equal! Just because the color is cute doesn’t mean it is a perfect complement to your closet. The cut and fit of the jacket are critical.
      • Blazers should not cause unnecessary bulk. Consider a few Ponte blazers. They have a generous mix of Polyester and Rayon for a nice fit and drape.
      • Have at least one statement blazer. One that makes you feel fabulous and confident.
    • Cardigans and Dusters
      • The possibilities are endless and you need a sensible collection of cardigans that can take your look from day to night. I LOVE to layer with cardigans and should the temperature take an unexpected turn, you are ready to add on or take off as needed.
      • Must have colors: cognac, burnt orange and heather gray!
  • Tops
    • T-shirts and tanks – Don’t pack up them just yet, they are perfect for adding to a nice layered look. Have a few classic colors on hand at all times.
    • A denim button-down that fits you! Like blazers, not all denim shirts are created equal, so find one that has a flattering cut. Depending on if you like a more fitted structured look or a looser casual look, find a shirt that is right for you, and buy it in light and dark denim.
    • Plaid button downs. These shirts basically say “Dear Fall, I welcome you with open arms!” These tops can transition from day, layered with a statement necklace, cardigan and tucked in a cute midi ( not to be confused with mini) skirt and oxford heels, to night by being paired with a chunky sweater and denim leggings with riding boots for a Fall night out.
    • Dusters are a must. I prefer mine to have a visually interesting collar, like a loose ruffle. Also perfect for transitioning from day to night.
  • Dresses / Skirts
    • Those sleeveless sheath dresses from summer still have a place! You can transition easily by layering with a cardigan or blazer and a scarf. This look is perfect for work and happy jour.
    • Midi Skirts – I love a good midi skirt. They enhance nearly every body type and can be dressed up or down easily. Have your basic black and brown, but also sprinkle in some fun color! Might I suggest Cabernet or mustard? When you have few core colored bottoms, you effortlessly increase your outfit sections. You can pair a more muted top with a bold bottom and vice versa. 
  • Pants:
    • Leggings and Tights!!! While leggings are not pants, (Yes, I said it), they are a core member of your Flawless Fall toolkit. I love a good pair of tights, I basically feel like Wonder Woman when I have on my Asset Brand tights.
    • Jeans that make you feel like … Beyonce. No, No, NO to frumpy jeans that are: too short, too tight, give you diaper booty or add muffin top to the menu. Spend some time finding the right denim for your body type.
  • Shoes
    • Oxford Heels are a cute go to, along with booties and riding boots. Cognac and black are staples!

Remember, your goal is to simplify your life, so make sure you have a core wardrobe that can intermingle to give you an awesome, put-together look with minimal effort.

Use these tips to create looks perfect for those mornings when you are facing another meeting that should have been an email, or are about to launch into some new adventure.

Cheers to warm apple cider, crisp Fall days and flawless Fall looks!


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