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How Quiet Leaders Can Also Be Wildly Influential

November 17, 2020

When many people think “leader,” they think big, bold personality–large and in charge. The truth is extroverted leaders are not the only stars of business success, and we have more and more successful “quiet leaders” to look to as examples such as Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos or iconic world-changers like Rosa Parks.

In fact, researchers from Chicago-based consultancy firm, ghSmart, spent 10 years creating a database, called the CEO Genome Project. Upon analyzing their data, their findings included that over half of the CEOs who performed the best were introverts. 

So let’s explore the behaviors that don’t always get fanfare, but can add incredible value through subtle, yet effective influence.

Supportive Leaders

“Quiet leaders” often lead with a supportive style as opposed to an authoritative style. Not ones to demand respect, these leaders humbly take a collaborative approach to decision making and execution. They are at their most influential when the people they lead feel heard, involved, and invested in the outcome. They influence through shared vision and team buy in. In fact, that is a pretty powerful way to focus people and processes towards success.

Introspective Leaders

Other leaders might take an even more unpretentious, reserved approach. Being known for being insightful, reflective, and candid, they think things through before acting. As reflective individuals who simply need a little time and space to decide on the next steps, their imaginative contributions often surprise those who otherwise perceive them as quiet. They are at their most influential when their sincere interest in a thoughtful plan and outcome is realized and others can look to them for stable, strategic outcomes.

All Leaders Can Be Visible Leaders

It is okay to not be the most social of leaders, however, be cautious of appearing overly private in an environment where transparency is celebrated. Close your door to get work done when it really matters, while also committing to being a highly visible leader by making the rounds, be it greeting your in-person team first thing in the morning, or checking in regularly on Zoom, Slack, or other digital communication tools used by remote teams. A reclusive or isolated leader does not inspire followers, so keep the end in that thoughtful mind of yours, and add visibility to your leadership strategy. 

The endgame for leadership is influence. While there are many paths to influencing others, it’s important to own your unique way as part of your personal brand, and then position it as a valuable resource to the organization or effort for which you lead. 

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