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How to Hire Better

November 13, 2019

When I teach leaders to recruit and coach to the job we have to have some serious conversations about what is needed behaviorally for someone to be successful in a role.⁠

What is crucial to understand is that the observable behavior of the person in an interview is NOT necessarily who shows up on day 91.⁠

Eventually we all revert back to our natural, DNA-driven behaviors. We simply can’t adapt our behavior for the longterm without enduring a great amount of stress. That’s why a third of today’s workforce leaves their job within six months, which is costing you thousands for every misfire on the hiring front.⁠

You know how smart marketers create ideal customer profiles to attract customers who are likely to buy from them and remain customers over time? The same principle applies to attracting and retaining talent, too!⁠

Who knew?⁠

Wouldn’t it be better to simply know on the front end if someone is a fit for the job at hand? We make hiring easy peasy because our solution allows you to create an ideal job profile. Then, you simply have to compare your candidate’s behavioral profile to it and viola! You know if it’s a match made in hiring heaven!

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