Embracing Winter In Your Business & Life

Embracing Winter In Your Business & Life

December 06, 2014

“Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.”
-Paul Theroux

Ok, being “in love” with winter may be a bit of a stretch, but man…I’m SO hanging in there!

How did this happen after twenty-two years of living in the south with “California Dreaming” being my annual theme song as I yearned for my younger years of going to Newport Beach in February?

As usual, I decided to take my own medicine.

I am constantly preaching how we must live with intention. If we want something out of life we can’t just wait around for it to happen. We have to take action! So I did.

Instead of being miserable, dealing with seasonal blues, losing momentum and energy because I “have to have the sunshine and warmth,” I decided that my grandma is right. Winter is a season of rest.

As I looked to fall (my favorite season) I went beyond celebrating the gorgeous colors, SEC football, hoodies, bonfires and pumpkin everything! *YUM*

As you might remember, I began talking about how fall is the great season of balance. It’s where we celebrate our harvest (i.e. our accomplishments),


I’ll get to why this matters, but first I’ll tell you what I’ve done. I’m nuts, and I’m totally ok with that!

My Winter Bliss

First, I bought this way cool contraption that I’ve been eyeing for YEARS.

This nifty thing is called an artificial dawn simulator, also known as a wake-up light. I set it for 6:00 a.m. and it begins to gradually get lighter and lighter beginning at 5:45. By 6:00 it’s like the sun rose in my room at its peak. For good measure, I set it for birds to chirp, too.

Let me tell ya, this is amazing, gradual and natural and is a MUCH better solution than some obnoxious digital sound ripping me out of my peaceful slumber.

You need one of these, promise.

Second, I issued a 30-Day Winter Bliss Challenge. Meaning, I started a free Facebook group where I posted a yoga video every day, as well as some good winter juju tips. I know that the best way to learn and hold myself accountable is to teach and to lead.

Now, I lurv me some yoga, but doing it every day for 30 days was transformational.

There is no better way to create space in your mind for clear thinking while simultaneously opening up your joints and muscles than yoga.

If my monkey mind can do it, so can yours. You have no idea. Start with ten minutes, then go from there. Like sex, drugs and rock and roll, the more you do it, the more you want it. Only this is always a positive influence on your life! 🙂

I also fall cleaned. Goodwill had to open a new location when I got done; and I was utterly embarrassed by the amount of food I tossed out from the pantry. Embarrassed.

But decluttering was great for both my physical and mental environments.

And being the all or nothing kinda gal my friends all know me to be, I’ve thrown everything at this.

I’ve upped my meditation, have been far more consistent in my prayer life, have had reiki done, worked with a few energy healers, joined a group related to working with your “shadows,” and more.

Yeah, I know. I’ve gotten on the woo-woo train a little bit. But just like the little one that goes around the mall at Christmas time. There are still no unicorns involved. I’m still hard core Amber.

But, you know what? I’m ready. And good thing, because “winter” kinda came WAY early this year!

OK, I promised you a point.

Winter Rest Might Just Rock!

We all know I’m a big picture gal. And God is so good to give me visions of the future. The problem is, I’m also impatient and want to get to the part where the ultimate vision is realized.

As my great friend once said when explaining why he always drives to his vacation destination, in lieu of flying:

“It’s not about being born or dying. It’s about everything in between.”

Truthfully, I need the quiet of winter. I need to have fewer things to do. I need to open my heart to get the step-by-step instruction, instead of only choosing to receive a quick glimpse of the finish line. I need to stop gunning towards that while tripping over all of the hurdles on the track, and instead time them, accept that they are there and include them in the joy of the race.

This is critical, whether you are setting your course for your business, setting a vision for your team based on a corporate initiative or moving through your relationships and personal commitments.

But God doesn’t just have big things for me. He has big things for you, too. 
(Remember, you can always replace “God” with “spirit,” “the universe,” “the divine,” or whatever  is right for you. Don’t’ let my belief system trip you up on the message. That’s an excuse and you’re bigger than that.)

Take Action

My challenge to you this winter is to embrace the rest. You’ve worked hard, harvested the fruit of your labor and now you’ve stored that harvest to get through the winter.

Use this time to open your mind, your heart and your spirit for what is next.

Just like the rest of nature, allow the old to die so that the new can be born.

RIGHT NOW, make a quick note of what you are avoiding and brainstorm 3-5 ways you can be intentional in that area. You can even share your commitment with me in the comments. You know I love hearing from you! <3


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