Being bold, brave and unwaveringly confident.

As a Bombshell, you will:

*Stand proud in who you are and what your business offers, abandoning the whirlwind of uncertainty!

*Command attention for your business with your consistent branding and simple, no-to-low cost marketing.

*Embrace a fearless, unapologetic expectation to be compensated by understanding your profit center and the results you deliver.

*Create amazing, word-of-mouth marketing because you are attracting the right clients who fall in love with your brand experience, thanks to your solid structure and consistent business processes.

Are you ready to turn heads and light up rooms with your business?

Then the Bombshell Business Bootcamp is for you!

Since starting Amber Hurdle Coaching & Training, I've wanted us to create a local, female business owner mastermind and training program that would serve as the catalyst for savvy entrepreneurs and marketers to easily build the strategies, relationships, and expertise they need to rapidly accelerate business growth.

Well, it's here NOW and it will bring many driven, professional women together for a four-week journey of discovery and practical application of the newest business trends. Importantly, you will also create amazing relationships and leverage the "master mind" of the group you journey alongside!


Amber Hurdle uses her experience working with international celebrities and Fortune 500 companies to show small businesses how to play big. As a communication and engagement expert, Amber helps entrepreneurs identify what they want to be known for so they can strategically tell their stories, grow their customer base and ultimately fulfill their calling.


The Bombshell Business Bootcamp is an immersive and invaluable experience first kicking off with a one-day seminar overlooking the beautiful view at Five Oaks Golf & Country Club in Lebanon, Tenn.

The day will include engaging presentations and group interaction to maximize the talent and resources within the room of like-minded business women. The program is designed to take you on a step-by-step journey through every major aspect of your business — from building a solid brand, to creating systems to turn prospects into leads and sales, to converting those sales into customers for life.

Following the one-day seminar, participants will receive access to weekly video lessons and downloadable PDF worksheets to dig into and implement the coursework at their own pace while participating in discussions and inspiration within the Bombshell Business Alliance online mastermind group.

Check out the details below!

  • Session 1: Define Your Signature Style


    This sessions focuses on the big picture: Who you are, what makes you tick, what people say about you when you’re not in the room, as well as what part of your business you need to shake as your money maker!

    This foundational lesson will will support the future lessons of this program by helping you FOCUS. By first understanding YOU, you will better be able to prioritize and make strategic decisions for your business, whether it’s for internal operations or external branding and promotion. Remember, if you can’t sell it inside, you can’t sell it outside!


    Session 2: How to Prioritize and Plan Like a Diva


    A true diva is not only insanely talented, she has managed to take her talents to the masses through consistent promotions, tours and appearances. And guess what that takes? A lot of planning!

    In this session we are going to focus on the three steps you can take to transform all of your amazing ideas (and some of your cluttered thoughts) into actionable steps.

    1. First, you will learn to Mind Map.

    2. Then you will turn your mind map into an Outline and prioritize the main ideas and/or delete the ideas that you decide do not help you remain focused on your Business Mojo.

    3. Your final step will be turning your outline into a Project Management spreadsheet and/or inputting the various steps into Project Management software so your various ideas turn into multiple tasks executed over time in support of your ultimate goal.

    ***Break for lunch, prepared by the fabulous Five Oaks culinary team.***

    Session 3: Turn Your Dreams Into Reality (Really This Time)

    You will learn how to customize your productivity so you will TAKE ACTION towards your dreams and actually do the things you put in your project plans.

    I talk about why I think "time management" is a totally ridiculous term, and share what to expect in its place. Then you will learn about both popular productivity systems that can help you manage your day-to-day tasks and the super simple system I created especially for creative types.

    Then I will give you very specific advice on how to map out your week and your work days, and challenge you to decide what business processes you need to develop and implement to start making life easier NOW.


    Session 4: Red Lipstick Marketing: Simple Strategies With Big Impact

    Once you boldly embrace your Business Mojo and have all of the right systems in place to follow through on your brand promise, it’s time to step up and stand out, baby!

    Why do we save marketing for last? Well, if you market the heck out of your business without a foundation and sales start coming in, there is a potential disaster like:


  • *Poor customer service because you haven’t anticipated the needs of your customers.

  • *Overwhelm from a lack of systems, making your dream not so fun anymore.  

  • *Feeling trapped into taking on any old customer (great fit or not) from a lack of vision, which can make business a chore and not the passionate venture it started out to be.

  • There is nothing sexy about unhappy customers, anxiety, nor draining, problem clients. It's no wonder so many entrepreneurs burnout and businesses fail!

    BUT NOT YOU, BOMBSHELL! You will create a simple, easy to implement marketing and brand experience plans that will create a big impact.

    No need to spend hours layering expensive, unnecessary makeup on your business. Just apply a little red lipstick and get a ton of attention without all of the effort.


    Let’s face it. You can learn everything to help you move your business forward, but it can be REALLY hard to implement your learnings in the busy day-to-day of your business. On this day we are going to dive in, hands-on into creating visual content, creating email newsletters and actually using the tools that will help you streamline your operations. Ready to hit the easy button with your coach right beside you teaching you as you go? This is your day!


**Topics are subject to change. Please check back for updates.


Five Oaks Golf & Country Club

621 5 Oaks Blvd
Lebanon, TN 37087
Phone: (615) 444-2784

We will meet in the Board Room at the conveniently located Five Oaks Golf & Country Club, nestled in the rear of Five Oaks subdivision off of Hwy 70 in Lebanon. A delicious lunch selection will be available to purchase each week for at an extremely affordable price.

More about the venue



All Access


  • All-Day LIVE Training
  • 4 Weeks Online Training
  • A Dedicated Mastermind & Closed Facebook Group
  • Workbook


What types of businesses would benefit from the bootcamp?

Over the years I've helped  spa and beauty providers, consultants, coaches, attorneys, accountants, retailers, graphic designers, fitness professionals, MLM professioanls and more. If your business can benefit from better telling your story to attract loyal, raving customers, the Bombshell Business Bootcamp is for you. And gents, while this four-week experience is designed for fabulous females, you are more than welcome to register and attend if you are brave and ready to take action, too. ;)

Is lunch included in the price?

The cost of the bootcamp includes the sessions, a workbook, online content and group participation and a delicious lunch prepared by the Five Oaks culinary team.

What should I wear?

Please feel free to wear business casual, even if that includes jeans for you. I want you to be completely comfortable, while also feeling fabulous like the Bombshell that you are!

Where will I park?

Five Oaks has ample parking in front of the club house.

What should I bring?

1. Something in which to take notes, if desired.
2. . Business cards (you will be networking).
3. Your laptop. (We will learn how to use a few tech tools.)
4. On your computer: Your business logo, brand colors (preferably in hex code), your brand fonts. (If you don't have these or know them, don't sweat it! We have four additional weeks to figure it out.)

5. A GREAT "I can do it" attitude.