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The Bombshell Business Woman Frequently Asked Questions

September 28, 2017

Since I’ve written The Bombshell Business Woman, I’ve been asked the same type of questions frequently, so here is a Frequently Asked Questions post to fill you in on some more of the deets!

The Bombshell Business Woman Frequently Asked Questions


What is The Bombshell Business Woman about?


The Bombshell Business Woman: How to Become a Bold, Brave, Female Entrepreneur, is part my personal story and mostly actionable business advice.


The first few chapters of this book tell my story of going from a teen mom to a successful business woman. I tell the painful details of telling my parents I was pregnant at sixteen, the horrific details of my birth experience, and even speak to the darker days where hope seemed so far off from my reality. I start the book this way to eliminate any excuses readers may have as they are on their own entrepreneurial journey. I guess I felt like I could share my story to say, “If I can do it, you can do it.”


Then, I make a point of saying that the story is over, so it’s time to buckle up and get some work done. From that point on I dive deep into best practices, real life examples, and instructions on how to implement my teachings into the reader’s business.


What is a Bombshell?


A Bombshell, according to my definition, is a bold, brave, female entrepreneur. (Or really, a bold, brave, female professional if I can broaden my own definition!)


When you think about the term bombshell, you might think of a gorgeous woman who enters a room and instantly commands attention from everyone around her. But is this because she is strikingly beautiful? Or is it because she is overtly confident in herself, walking in with a refreshing, attention-getting boldness?


I say the latter.


Want to know why? You’ve got to read the book!


Who was The Bombshell Business Woman written for?


The Bombshell Business Woman was written specifically for female entrepreneurs who don’t want a lot of fluff to wade through, but do want detailed, to-the-point to-dos they can follow to improve their businesses and their lives.


That being said, many of the principles in the book can be applied in a corporate environment, as hiring, customer service, personal branding, working with creative vendors, and more are very much concepts that are relevant in all business leadership. Likewise, men could greatly benefit from the book if they can look past the glam, lipstick, and botox references!

What topics does the book cover specifically?


  • How to embrace and exude confidence
  • How to figure out what you were meant to do for a living
  • How to create  your business model
  • Essential business principles to stay focused
  • Establishing your company culture and why it matters
  • Developing your business brand
  • Understanding your personal brand
  • Creating a basic business plan
  • How to create goals and strategic plans to support them
  • How to attract your ideal customer
  • How to market your business without becoming overwhelmed
  • How to network
  • How to work with creative vendors like graphic designers, website designers, photographer, videographers, etc…
  • How to offer exceptional customer service (and ensure your team does, too!)
  • How to hire and inspire a team
  • Which easy to use tech tools can streamline your business
  • Why time management is a lie women are fed and what to aspire for instead
  • How to embrace the bold, brave, female entrepreneur inside of you!


I haven’t started my business, yet. Will The Bombshell Business Woman still help me?


Yes! Lucky you! You will have all of the foundational instruction you will need to march your way into becoming a lady boss! You could use this book as your guide to preparing for your business launch, and then use it as a reference as you continue to grow.


I’ve been in business for several years. Will The Bombshell Business Woman still help me?


For sure! I wrote The Bombshell Business Woman after working with countless well-established, female-owned businesses. The common problems I saw, the steps that were routinely skipped, inspired the content of this book.


Actually, some of the principles I teach in this book are the same topics I cover with my Fortune 500 and even Fortune 100 clients. So whether you need to get brilliant with the basics or you need to deep dive into a new way of going about your business, this is a go-to resource for the challenges you face in your day-to-day operations!


Is The Bombshell Business Woman a Christian Book?


No, it is not a Christian book written specifically for Christians. It is a business book written for women in business. I talk about God as it relates to my personal story and life philosophy in the autobiographical section. However, once you get into the nuts and bolts of the business teachings, you will not see anything like, “So God doth command you to market your business for thine glory.”


Because that just doesn’t make sense.


Make no mistake, I am a proud Christian, meaning I live according to Matthew 22:37-40, which basically says to love God and love each other, and all of the other rules come after that. And love, according to Corinthians 13 , is patient, kind, it does not envy or boast, it is not proud, it does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered and it keeps no record of wrongs. It rejoices in the truth and protects, trusts, hopes and preserves because love never fails. (NIV paraphrased)


It’s just my job to love you, and I hope my life has shown that my personal faith walk is more about love and grace and less about judgement or condemnation. We are all made in God’s image. ALL of us. I enjoy and embrace the many walks of life represented among my Bombshells, and I learn so much through looking at life through various lenses. When I become perfect and all-knowing, maybe I’ll get all high and mighty, but even then…probably not. 😉


If you do want to include that aspect in your Bombshell Journey, be sure to download the free bonuses that are described below!


What are your tips for readers of The Bombshell Business Woman?


Read through the book one time, and then decide what your biggest business challenges are. Go back to those chapters and complete the “Take Action Bombshell” sections at the end of each chapter. Once you’ve attached your greatest pain points, work through the rest of the book.


If you have started or joined a Bombshell Squad Book Club (and I hope you do), remember that you can discuss the book each week with your squad, while moving forward with the actions that are most meaningful to you.


What types of bonuses are you offering with the purchase of The Bombshell Business Woman?


The Bombshell Business Woman bonuses are all designed to enhance your Bombshell journey! When you hit “Bonuses” at the top of the official Bombshell Business Woman website, it will instantly scroll you down where you can register to receive the following bonuses:


  1. The Bombshell Business Woman Workbook: 43 pages that complement the book’s content. Full of questions and tips found in each chapter, as well as the “Take Action Bombshell” instructions found at the end of each chapter, this workbook can be your one single place to track your Bombshell journey. No writing in the book’s margins required!
  2. Book Club Guide: It’s time to form your Bombshell Squad! This guide will lay out exactly how to manage a group of female entrepreneurs through the TONS of tactical business advice in The Bombshell Business Woman. The thing is, even if you are not in the same season of business as the other women in your squad, there are plenty of life experiences, ideas, and experiences that can be shared that will strengthen your perspective as a Bombshell.
  3. 30 Days of Affirmations and/or The Bombshell Business Woman Devotional: 7 Days Days of Biblical Truths for Christian Women in Business: Whether you desire to include your personal faith in your Bombshell journey or simply desire daily inspiration, either or both of these bonuses can start you off on the right foot as you tackle some of your greatest business challenges. I believe that having the right mindset is critical to next-leveling in life, so I designed these to give you that extra oomph!

Want to hear more about these bonuses and see exactly how to download them? Visit THIS post and I’ll walk you through it!

Will this be available as an audiobook?


Working on it! Stay tuned!

Do you plan to write another book?


Of course! Many more! I have my list, and even another book started, but what book do YOU want me to write? How can I best serve YOU? Let me know in the blog comments!



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