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Amber joins the TEDxNashville Society of Fellows

April 19, 2018

I was recently nominated to become an inaugural member of the prestigious TEDxNashville Society of Fellows. What an honor to be recognized in this community of visionaries! We met in late January for an evening of TEDx-talks, critical thinking, meaningful conversations, and experiential learning. The evening’s theme was centered on sustainable food production practices in anticipation of a population boom in 2050. We kicked off with cocktails and appetizers that had crickets in them! Did I eat them? Of course I did. I am foodie and food adventurer. They weren’t too bad. #Yum #Protein

For dinner we created our own “food bowls” — a delicious concept that combines grains, greens, and beans, along with sauces and other protein sources and toppings for unique combinations and endless choices. I opted for a curry sauce, red lentils, emu (a flightless running bird, like an ostrich) meatballs and some fresh toppings. So good. You know if I go somewhere with delicious food I am going to tell you about it!

We didn’t just eat good food, though! Matt Bodnar, Forbes “30 Under 30”, called a “Rising Restaurateur Star” by the National Restaurant Association and a “Strategy Pro” by Restaurant Hospitality Magazine, spoke about vertical farming as well as discussed Fresh Hospitality investment in such projects. Nashville now has a vertical farm thanks to Fresh Hospitality. Chef Richard Jones of Green Door Gourmet, a 350-acre USDA certified organic farm, spoke about the changing perception of what food will be to us and how restaurants are becoming more accountable to their part in sustainable food practices. As a foodie, I loved learning about sustainable food production and Nashville’s role in it. Man, do I love this city!




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