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79: Starting Your Own Business with Gabi Garrett

July 30, 2019

In this episode of the Bombshell Business Podcast, host Amber Hurdle interview’s Gabi Garrett, content strategist, about how she quit her job and a life she hated, and started her own successful business. Together, they discuss:  

*How to know what to charge when you’re getting started

*Why conquering your fears is necessary for success

*Secrets to growing a six-figure business

*The importance of creating YOUR own business, not a remake of someone else’s 

This episode is full of authenticity and passion. You’ll be sure to relate as you hear the stories of these powerhouse businesswomen, and you’ll be empowered by their tried-and-true business tips. Tune in! 

Links and Mentioned Resources

Check out Gabi’s new six-week email course that will prompt you past your fears and enable you to make detailed action plans to make your dream life and goals a reality. As an extra for Amber’s Bombshell listeners, Gabi is offering a bonus 1:1 call ($227 value) to help you define your goal or dream before you get started. 

Download Gabi’s free Kindle eBook on Amazon: Kicked Out of Therapy: Six Steps to Joy

Looking for accounting software? Check out Amber’s post, 5 Reasons You Should Use Freshbooks 

For Amber’s complete list of tech tools, check out her book The Bombshell Business Woman for a full chapter on her must-have tech tools to make managing your business easier. Don’t forget to download the free bonuses once you order the book.

 About Gabi 

Gabi Garrett is a writer by day, inspirer by night. She works with top level entrepreneurs on their messaging, media strategy and marketing. When she isn’t working with her executive clients, she writes articles in the self-help realm. After leaving her full-time job to become a writer, she learned, grew and developed into someone she’s proud of, as she now inspires the world to chase their dreams too! Her work on this topic has been featured in the USA Today Network, Elite Daily, Apartment Therapy, Tiny Buddha, the Elephant Journal and more. You can read more about her adventure through her new mini-book, Kicked Out of Therapy available on Amazon. 

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