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76: How to Rock It on Video with Keri Murphy

July 02, 2019

In this episode of the Bombshell Business Podcast, host Amber Hurdle interviews Keri Murphy, CEO and founder of Inspired Living. Keri is an international speaker, media expert, and business mentor. She embodies the Bombshell Business Woman, and is especially confident when it comes to being on camera, making appearances on MTV, E!, FOX, and NBC. Together, Amber and Keri chat about:

*Why video is SO important for your business

*Tips for being comfortable, authentic and confident on camera 

*The best platform and headlines to use for SEO 

*Lessons Keri has learned as an entrepreneur 

*Why our experiences matter to becoming our best selves

This episode gets down to business when it comes to using video to boost your social and website engagement. But it doesn’t stop there! Amber and Keri reflect on their personal journeys as entrepreneurs and leave you with inspiring advice to fuel your success. Tune in!

About Keri

Keri Murphy is the CEO and founder of Inspired Living, where she and her team help entrepreneurs become go-to
experts in their field and build influential brands through on-camera training, business strategy, media, and
marketing planning. As an international speaker, media expert, and business mentor, Keri is committed to helping
others to create and thrive at a business they love and teaches them how to authentically connect and convert
their ideal clients using video in particular.

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