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68: How to Successfully Navigate Change with Ali Brown

March 05, 2019

In this episode of The Bombshell Business Podcast, host Amber Hurdle interviews Ali Brown, one of the world’s most recognized entrepreneur coaches, about how to rock it as a woman in business when things start to change. Together, they discuss:

*How Ali courageously managed change in her business and life

*Why you should dance with divine discontent to grow into your best entrepreneurial self

*How marketing is like dating

*Why you should create your own metrics for success

*Affirmation that you can change your mind and values as life changes

*Why you should be operating in your genius to achieve success

*Why you should ask for what you need in business and life so you can rise to your full potential

If you’re headed toward big changes in business or life, or are currently knee deep within them, this episode will provide the affirmation and advice you need to get through it stronger than before. Tune in!


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Ali Brown

Over the last 15 years, Ali Brown has advised and helped nurture the businesses of many of the 7- and 8-figure online thought leaders you see thriving today, and her mentoring has even been spotlighted on CNN.com. Ali has been dubbed the “Entrepreneurial Guru for Women” by Business News Daily and has taken her company to the Inc. 500 list rankings. She was named a Forbes Woman to Watch, one of EY’s Winning Women Entrepreneurs, and an entrepreneur delegate for the United Nations Foundation’s Global Accelerator. Ali has been featured on major media including the ABC hit primetime show Secret Millionaire. She provides leadership and business advice to over 250,000 followers via AliBrown.com, her social media channels, and her award-winning Glambition® Radio show. She was also named by Entrepreneur Magazine as having one of the Top “10 Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Be Following”. Ali is an angel investor with a special interest in women-led ventures. She and her Australian husband Brett are parents to 5-year-old twins. They are based in Scottsdale, Arizona and spend part of each year in Sydney.

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