54: How to Plan Your Wardrobe to Survive the Season Transition with Kirbee Miller - Amber Hurdle | Globally Recognized Branding Expert

54: How to Plan Your Wardrobe to Survive the Season Transition with Kirbee Miller

September 12, 2018

In this episode of the Bombshell Business Podcast Amber Hurdle interviews Bombshell Business Expert on Lifestyle, Kirbee Miller, about how to harness the season transition to get our wardrobe basics straight, survive the daily weather changes, and still look totally pro. Kirbee explains to Bombshells how to cut the clutter, get organized, build a fool-proof wardrobe toolkit and create a “fashion buffet.” To get her step-by-step advice, be sure to tune in!

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Kirbee Miller standing in her kitchen

Kirbee Miller

Kinimi Kitchen

Expert Role: Lifestyle

Kirbee Miller’s heart is in the kitchen. Cooking and baking have been monumental parts of her life since childhood. Her best memories are in the kitchen! Great food is an opportunity to authentically connect. Developing new recipes and orchestrating flavor profiles with delicious ingredients is her way to channel passion and creativity into every bite. Food should be flavorful, creative, beautiful and most importantly, should leave an impact! There are few things better than the seconds of contemplative silence that follow the first bite of delicious food …that never gets old. She’s been cooking since she was 5, and has not stopped since. She launched an online cooking show to share her inner foodie via my brand KiNiMi Kitchen!

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