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44: How to Design Your Brand Experience from Start to Finish

March 21, 2018

In this episode, Amber Hurdle helps you identify each touch point of your brand experience so you can weave your brand into every detail of your customer journey. By the end of the episode you will be able to create your own customized checklist and become intentional about ensuring when people talk about your brand, it’s because the proof is in every interaction your customers have with your company.


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***The key question to ask throughout this episode is: what tools and what training do you need to ensure your brand is communicated and felt throughout every touch you have with your customers?


The following touch points are merely ideas. Your unique business has its own touchpoints, so use my questions in the episode to consider how you interact with your customers throughout your brand experience.

Prospect Stage: How does your customer come to you?


-Facebook ad?

-Social media post?

-Outbound marketing like a sales call?

-Hear you speak?

-Local newspaper Ad?


What is your next step when a prospective customer decides to engage with your business? Sample questions to ask yourself include:


-What do you do first? Book an appointment? How?

-Is this manual or automated via software?

-Will they get a reminder? How? (Manually from you or a team member? Or via text message or email?)

-What information do you want before you meet with or serve them?

-What information do they receive after they schedule their first step with you?

-Do they get a reminder before your appointment?

-Do they get included in an email sequence after the call? What if they enroll? What if they don’t?


Customer Onboarding: How do you transition a prospective customer to customer?


What is your next step when a prospective customer decides to purchase from your business? Sample questions to ask yourself include:


-What information do you need from your new customer to best serve them and to keep in touch in a more significant way?


-What do you need to be compliant in your industry?

-Do you have an agreement in place?

-What does your client need to be successful with you?

-Will you send anything in the mail to them at any point? If so, when?

-How are you going to manage all of your customer notes, follow up prompts/tasks?

– What system will you put them in? (CRM)


Again, if any of this is freaking you out, I want to know about it. I seriously want to talk to you! Book a 15-minute slot with me so I can find out what you need to be successful .bit.ly/bombshellbooking


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Customer Experience

-What is included in their services or product?

-How is it packaged?

-How will you accept payment?

-What are the touchpoints (communication) you have with your customers?

-What is your basic event plan?

-Will you send anything to customers for birthdays, holidays or special accomplishments in their life?

-How will you handle customer service issues?

-How will you handle receivables (payment system) and collections (if people don’t pay on time or at all)

-How will you thank your clients? Immediately, after purchase,

-What is your upsell or repeat sales plan?


Your Next Steps


Make a checklist of touch points for each stop on the journey of your brand experience: prospect, new customer, ongoing customer experience. Then decide what tools and/or training you need to create or elevate your brand.


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