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4 Things You MUST Know About a Candidate Before You Should Hire Them

June 26, 2020

In this video I describe the four traits you need to consider when designing a job description so you can attract candidates who have the behavioral drives that will be naturally successful in that role. NOT getting this right is often why otherwise wonderful team members simply don’t work out in their role.

Also, ask these questions of yourself. In light of your answers, who do you need on your team to round out the areas where you don’t shine so you can focus on operating the way you are naturally wired?

1. How do you make decisions?

2. How much social interaction do you need?

3. How driven or stable do you need your work environment?

4. How formal or informal are you…especially when it comes to the rules?

I even give an example to show how it works in a real world example, and would LOVE to hear your stories in the comments!

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