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3 Principles to Build Your Confidence (114)

February 17, 2022

In this episode of the Bombshell Business Podcast I walk you through the different ways to exercise your confidence muscle. These three principles will set you up for success, so I break them down into actionable ways to uphold each principle.

#1 Be curious, not judgmental.

#2 Don’t take anything personally.

#3 Don’t forget that your playing small doesn’t serve the world.

I even give you homework to work on being less judgmental, so tune in now!

Links and Mentioned Resources

The Four Agreements, Don Miguel (affiliate link)


Update on Jean’s Home Build!

Another round of huge thank yous on behalf of my team member and Bombshell Business Podcast producer, Jean! Through your generosity she has been able to begin the build on her new home. 

As you may remember, her home was destroyed in Super Typhoon Rai, which ravished the Philippines, where she lives. Now, however, she is in the process of building a typhoon and earthquake proof home, so she will never have to fear for her life or the lives of her family again.

Here are a few photos to see the progress!









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