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Wage War Against Business Overwhelm


For a long while I have prayed consistently for very clear direction. I mean, I think we all should have a burning bush and leave it with a set of stone tablets with our message on them. Wouldn't that make life easy? Well, recently during my quiet time I started to get those impressions on [...]


  If you want to cut to the chase, visit the sales page and register for this AMAZING event, CLICK HERE. For the story behind the event, keep reading! I am SO excited to welcome Chris Ducker to Nashville this September as he keynotes Nashville CABLE's Freedom Business Summit. I met Chris over a year [...]

Don't Market Your Business - Amber Hurdle

I was catching up with a new friend, and before we talked business we engaged in some small talk (which is often the important talk, particularly in this case). He was telling me how much he missed the health food stores that he enjoyed in the city where he used to live, and was SUPER [...]

Rock Your Influence Nashville Marketing Seminar

Rock Your Influence

  Rock Your Influence Nashville's BEST Marketing & Networking Seminar  While I was at New Media Expo in Las Vegas this January, I attended a Geek Breakfast organized by Dave Delaney, NMX speaker, author of New Business Networking, Tennessean contributor and kicktail networking and marketing consultant. Yes, I had to go all of the way to Vegas to [...]

Overcoming Resistance with a Life Coach


I agree with Steven Pressfield, author of The War of Art, that resistance is evil. It's what stands between who we are and who we want to become. No one is immune--not even I. Resistance is consciously choosing to be average over being extraordinary. It's hitting snooze instead of hitting the gym. It's getting on [...]

Punch a Man in the Throat

I know...how violent, but hear me out because this is about a kid. An innocent kid. I have NO tolerance for anyone belittling a child, ESPECIALLY. So, the filter is off and we’re just going to have real talk here because I want to impress upon you the power YOU can have with the words [...]

New Social Media Cover Photo Dimensions – 2014

New Social Media Cover Photo Dimensions 2014

If there is one thing we can count on in social media it is that it WILL change. Some of the most recent changes include look of your pages, which includes changes in your cover photo dimensions. Since I understand you don't WANT to have to keep up with all of the changes, count on [...]

“Be careful the environment you choose

I love that my coaching clients routinely TAKE ACTION when challenged to improve their professional or personal lives. And boy, do I have a doozie of a case study to share! One client in particular must have been zeroed in on our final week of my Mega Moxie Work-Life Success Academy group coaching program. That [...]

Nashville Area Small Business Training Series

Nashville Small Business Training Calendar Amber Hurdle

I'm SUPER excited to introduce my live small business training series for the greater Nashville area. We had a BLAST at my Mega Moxie Small Business Bootcamp last fall, and I dare say the attendees who took massive action with their learnings had incredible results! I realize, though, not everyone can get away for an [...]

The “My New Website is LIVE” Party!


Holy moly, the week got here! The new (more personal, more AMBER) site is up and I have a BUNCH of people I want to thank! I knew I needed to update my website when I rebranded from Moxie Internal Relations' MegaMoxie.com (representing my legal business name) to AmberHurdle.com. Then, the more I zeroed in [...]

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